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Since its inception, Kalanjali has earned several accolades and bagged numerous awards both in the Classical and Non Classical arenas of dance.  Kalanjali has produced some of the finest dance dramas that displayed ingenuity, inventiveness and courage to experiment. Together the teacher and the students of Kalanjali share the pride of their accomplishments.


Below is a listing of awards received by Kalanjali followed by a listing of dance dramas choreographed by Sudha Devulapalli.




Dance Dramas

Meera Ke Giridhar

This was choreographed for Hindu Community Center Kerany , Gayathri Parivar convention and Telugu Fine Arts Society fund raiser. Popular bhajans were taken as a medium to illustrate the life of the popular saint poetess Mira bai .Sixteen bhajans were used to potray her devotion and love for krishna. Performed by students of Hindu Community center and Kalanjali school of Dance.


Shyam Sudha Ras

This dance drama was based on various incidenst from the life of Lord Krishna starting form his birth till he left for Mathura after defeating his uncle Kamsa


Bharat Kal aaj aur Kal

This dance drama was performed at the Indian Consulate in honor of Smt.Margaret Alwa's visit.

Patriotic songs and instrumental music was taken to convey the message about peaceful India then during Gandhi ji's reign, today 's turmoil filled India and tomorrow's peaceful and progressive India.


Four Seasons

This was choreographed to the musical composition Prashanthi by Ravi Shankar .The four seasons of nature were potrayed and their internal ego  conflicts  like  human beings were brought to light.


Rati Vilapam

This was performed for TANA 20004. A beautifully written work by Dr. Uma Eyunni of Tampa ,music composed by music  maestro Sri. G.V.Prabhakar of Hyderabad .This dance dram in telugu highlighted the feelings of Rati the wife of Kamdev when he was reduced to ashes trying to create love between Siva and Parvathi.



This 60minute dance drama comprising of more than 25 students portrayed the life of Lord Rama right from his birth to defeating Ravana to salvage his wife from his prison. 



Little is known about the glory of Lord Shiva and the philosophy behind his mystic personality. One of the most challenging of the dance dramas, this one was Sudhaji’s attempt to educate the children the paradoxical nature of Lord Shiva.











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