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Costume and Jewelry Rentals


Kalanjali rents costumes and jewelry to students of the school and outsiders as well. There will be a separate fees for costume and jewelry rentals for the events that the students participate in. Apart from the events that Kalanjali participates in, parents can also rent for other events in which their kids participate outside of Kalanjali.  Students must pay costume and jewelry rental price anytime they perform for any event (includes charity, fund raising, competitions, recitals etc)


Please pay attention to the rental policies and pricing.




  • People interested in renting costumes/jewelry must  send email to Sudhaji atleast one week before the pickup date with the following information

The costume they want to rent,

Number of set(s)

performance date,

Participant’s name(s),

Phone Number of the adult renting.

  • With in Kalanjali costumes for groups will be rented by Managers only and will be handed out as a group to the Manager.

  • Renters have to take time out for picking them up during the allocated time.

  • Renters are responsible to collect the costume two weeks prior and return them within a two weeks period of the perfomance.

  • Costumes will be collected only a certain allocated time of the week. Please make a note of the day and time,

  • If the costumes are not returned in time a late fee will be charged to the entire group.

  • Group costumes have to be returned in full as a group. 

  • Renter is responsible to check for any damages (stained or torn costumes or broken jewelry) and collect appropriate amount from the participant, if these are overlooked the entire group will have to (divide the amount equally and) pay the amount.




Bharatnayam: (classical)


  • Costume - $30

  • Jewelry: $25 (Set includes: Head set (center piece, Surya and Chandra), One pair of earrings, Two Necklaces (choker, peral or                                  kasumala), Gold belt, Four Bangles)

  • Hair Set:: $10 ((Set Includes: Bun with Rakudi, Three sets of flowers, Kunjalam False hair can also be rented for extra price.)

  • Full Set: $65  ( renting costume, jewelry, hair set)






  • Costume: $20 to $40 

  • Jewelry:  $5 to $15





  • Managers should add a cost of $5 (per person) for drywash to the total amount.

  • If any costume is lost a amount $100-$200 will be charged to the individual.

  • If costumes/jewelry are rented by kalanjali from an outside vendor then the pricing will vary depending on the vendor. Kalanjali will have no say in the pricing.


PHOTOS of costumes and jewelry will be posted soon!!


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